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Two French caricaturists who are specialists in rapid skteches are at your disposition to perform at your festivities, commercial promotions and inaugurations, etc...; and all this in atmosphere of joyful conviviality.


Information and documentation
in color on demand to :

PINATEL  22 rue Saint Paul

TEL         01 42 77 43 91
FAX         01 42 71 48 16
Portable   06 03 28 82 43

e-mail :

For decades he has sketched everyone who counts in the world of political or artistic personnalities ; and in particular, in that of the theatre as he used to sketch the actors at the moment when new shows appeared, for his paper. He is a typical Frenchmnan, born in the "Luberon", in Provence, in the middle of vinyards and he now spends one half of his time in a historical neighbourhood of old Paris and the other half in an old, but restaured and renovated, convent which is situated in the middle of other vinyards, those of the Champagne country.
PINATEL has appeared just about everywhere in the world and numerous countries have already appreciated his talents : U.S.A, Gabon, the Sultanate of Oman, South Korea, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and many others...
Parallel to his career of caricaturist, he is also an artist-painter (his catalogue is available on request).


MYRTELLE, who is the daughter of PINATEL has inherited the family "gift" and in just a few years has managed to place her-self, like her father, up front in the ranks of european caricaturists.

Contacts :
22 rue Saint Paul

Tél 01 42 77 43 91 - Fax 01 42 71 48 16


Carrefour de la Paix
02850 TRELOU sur MARNE / France

Tél 03 23 70 95 16 - Fax 01 42 71 48 16